Marshmallow Rainbow Cake Soap - Glamour Skin & Body
Marshmallow Rainbow Cake Soap - Glamour Skin & Body
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Marshmallow Rainbow Cake Soap

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Handmade Soap scented in the luscious scent Marshmallow. A sweet scent orchestrated with notes of musk, vanilla and jasmine. A best seller!  An elegant colored bar that is swirled with beautiful vibrant colors of pink, purple and white.  Topped with white hand piped topping, handmade mini rainbow embed soaps, sugar pearls, and sparkly glitter.


One bar of soap, weighing a minimum of 110-150gms. A nice chunky and generously size bar of soap.


This soap is handmade with skin loving ingredients of Olive Oil, Cocout oil, sustainable palm oil, Rice bran oil  with added Shea butter. Made by the cold process method.



Each bar is hand cut and hand made and will be unique in its own by size, shape, and color.

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