Reed Diffuser White

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diffuser set includes:

1 x 200ml Iconic White  diffuser bottle;

2 x set of five diffuser sticks (five black, five white) - made of dacron for enhanced scent throw;
2 x sealing caps (1 x silicone and 1 x hard plastic);
1 x retail box (matching the colour of the bottle);
1 x 200ml bottle of premium fragrance of choice.

Colour: White 
Box Dimensions: 23cm x 14cm x 10cm
Volume: 200ml
Weight: 700g

-pls leave a comment of your pick of fragrance 

Montego Bay

Orange & peach blossom
Sex on the beach
Lychee & guava sorbet
Coconut lime
Tropical coconut
Indigo lavender
Wood sage & sea salt
Coconut saffron
Rope figs & forest berries
Ginger & black orchid
Sparkling waters